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What's the Types of Blowing Mold Machine

  • There are several types of blow molding processes. Your product needs and specifications will determine which type of PET Blowing Machine is best for you.

    Here is an introduction to the different types of blow molding to help you decide, along with a list of industry-specific words you may encounter as you create your product.

    There are three types of blow molding processes:

    Injection Blow Molding

    In injection blow molding, a blow or core rod is used throughout the process. First a parison is injected into a split mold cavity around the rod. The parison that is formed looks similar to a test tube. The core rod transfers the parison to the blow mold machine where forced air creates the final shape. The rod then transfers and extrudes the finished product from the machine.

    Extrusion Blow Molding

    Extrusion blow molding can be continuous or intermittent. In continuous extrusion blow molding, a parison will be constantly fed into the mold and each form will be cut off with a blade as it forms. Intermittent extrusion blow molding expels each new plastic from the metal mold when it is cooled and the parison is fed into the mold only after the preceding parison is expelled.

    Extrusion blow molds are generally much less expensive than injection blow molds and can be produced in a much shorter period of time. Extrusion blow molding is appropriate for smaller runs. Advantages include cost savings on tooling and shorter production time while disadvantages usually include lesser control of wall thickness and greater amount of scrap material.

    Stretch blow molding

    This process is a bit more complex than the others. It uses small plastic resins that are first stretched vertically and then stretched horizontally to give its molecules a cross shape. The molecule crosses create a higher quality plastic by increasing barrier strength and prevent against porosity. This option is often chosen for low volume orders, as the blow molding machine restricts certain bottle designs.

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