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The Hognxiangseeder Knapsack Fertilizer Machine Meets Your Nee

  • The Manual Corn Seeder of Zhejiang Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of uniform seeding, uniform depth, stable row spacing, good soil coverage, seed saving, and high work efficiency. Proper use of manual corn planter should pay attention to the following 10 points:

    1 The maintenance before entering the field should clear the debris in the planting box and the grass and mud on the opener to ensure that it is in good condition. For the transmission and rotating parts of the tractor and manual corn planter, add according to the instructions Lubricate oil, especially pay attention to the lubrication and tension of the drive chain and the tightening of the bolts on the manual corn planter before each operation.

    2 The frame should not be tilted. After the manual corn planter is connected to the tractor, it must not be tilted. When working, the frame should be horizontal.

    3 Do all kinds of adjustments According to the provisions of the instruction manual and agronomic requirements, adjust the seeding amount, the line spacing of the opener, and the depth of the trench-covered earth-suppression wheel appropriately.

    4 Pay attention to adding good seeds to the seeds in the seed box to achieve no small, small, mixed, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the seeds; secondly, the amount of seeds in the seed box must be added at least to cover the entrance of the seed box to ensure smooth seeding .

    5 Trial sowing To ensure the quality of sowing, before carrying out large-scale sowing, be sure to insist on 20 meters of trial sowing and observe the work of the manual corn planter. Agrotechnicians, local farmers, etc. should be tested and consulted to confirm that they meet local agronomic requirements before large-scale sowing.

    6 Pay attention to the uniform speed and straight-line driving of agricultural machinery. The operator chooses the working walking route. It should ensure the convenience of seeding and mechanical entry and exit. When sowing, pay attention to the constant speed and straight line. If it is clogged, the lifting and lowering of the manual corn planter should be in operation, and the manual corn planter should be lifted when reversing or turning.

    7 First broadcast the ground head First, broadcast the ground head horizontally, so as not to crush the ground head, causing the broadcast depth to be too shallow.

    8 Observation often Observe the working conditions of the seed meter, opener, mulch and transmission mechanism when sowing, such as blockage, clay, grass entanglement, loose seed coverage, and eliminate it in time. Adjustments, repairs, lubrication, or cleaning of entangled grass must be performed after parking.

    9 Protect the machinery When the manual corn planter is working, it is strictly forbidden to go backwards or make sharp turns. The manual corn planter should be lifted or lowered slowly to avoid damage to the machinery.

    10 Pay attention to the seed box The seeds in the seed box should not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seed box during the operation; when transporting or transferring plots, the seed box must not contain seeds, let alone other heavy objects.

          Hongxiang Machinery's Knapsack Fertilizer Machine  is highly efficient and easy to use at the same time. If you have needs in this regard, please come and leave us a message, we will contact you in time.