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Failure Of Manual Corn Seeder Opportunity

  •     The Manual Corn Seeder shall be promptly eliminated if it breaks down. (1) Seeding device does not seed. The main reason is that the transmission gear is not meshed, or the square hole of the seed shaft gear is worn, adjusted, repaired or replaced. (2) Individual seed meters do not work. The reason is that the seed scaffold or seeder mouth in the individual seeding box is clogged with debris, and the cleaning and seed should be replaced; the connecting pin of the seeding shaft and the individual seeding groove wheel is broken, the pin should be replaced; the individual seeding box The board should not be pulled apart. (3) Seeding device for seeding, but there are no seeds in individual seed grooves. The reason is that the opener or seed pipe is blocked (mostly occurs on the opener on the ground wheel), the blockage should be cleared, and appropriate measures should be taken to prevent debris from falling into the opener. (4) Non-stop seeding and losing control. The reason is that the separation pin of the clutch stay comes off or the separation gap is too small, the pin should be reinstalled and locked, or the separation gap should be adjusted. (5) The seeding is intermittent and the seeding is uneven. The reason is that the meshing gap of the transmission gear is too large, the gear slips, and it should be adjusted; the spring force of the clutch spring is too weak, and the gear should slip, and the spring should be adjusted or replaced.
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