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High-efficiency And Energy-saving Performance Of Corn Sheller

  • There are many kinds of Corn Sheller, mainly small drum-type electric corn threshers, medium-sized full-automatic corn threshers and large corn threshers.  The threshing effect is good, the efficiency is high, the use is safe and convenient, and it is widely praised by dealers and farmers.

    The main working part of the corn thresher is the rotor installed on the machine. The rotor rotates at high speed and collides with the drum to thresh.  During operation, the corn is fed from the feed inlet, the corn is impacted in the high-speed rotating rotor and the drum, the seeds are separated from the sieve holes, the corncobs are discharged from the tail of the machine, and the corn shreds and skins are discharged from the tuyere.  The feed inlet is arranged at the upper part of the upper cover of the machine, corn cobs enter the threshing chamber through the feed inlet, corn grains fall off under the impact of a high-speed rotating rotor in the threshing chamber and are separated out through sieve holes, and a baffle plate is arranged at the lower part in front of the feed inlet to prevent falling corn grains from splashing and hurting people.

    Because the core of the corn is hard in texture, and the link between the corn kernel and the core becomes loose after the corn kernel is ripe, and the corn kernel is easy to fall off after the blade on the transmission shaft rotates and collides at high speed; in addition, the spiral structure of the blade can enable the corn kernel to be smoothly discharged, and the sieve piece can enable the corn kernel to be filtered clean, so that the corn thresher achieves the working performance of high efficiency and energy conservation.