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Introduction To The Development Of Corn Thresher

  • The new type of  Corn Thresher is very different from the old type in principle. The new type of corn thresher has low crushing rate, wide application range for corn moisture content and high threshing rate. In addition, it is convenient to clean, small in size and easy to place.  Prior to this, the main shaft of the existing domestic model had a high rotation speed, and the spike teeth on the high-speed shaft were used to hit the corn spike to thresh, resulting in serious grain damage.  When the moisture content of corn is%, the domestic technical indexes are realized: the removal rate is%-%,the damage rate is 1%-2%, and the main machine is easy to block.  After the implementation of this project, the technical indicators show that the net removal rate is greater than%, the damage rate is less than%, and the main engine is not easy to block, which is basically close to the international level and fills the domestic gap.  Compared with the old corn thresher, the loss rate of corn is reduced by 1%.

    Technical Development Analysis of New Corn Thresher

    The Ministry of Agriculture has continued to intensify the mechanization of corn harvest and has put forth efforts to establish a development mechanism of "subsidy policy-driven, agricultural machinery-agronomy interaction, social service-driven, and gradient-driven". Corn harvest has shown a good trend of full scale and accelerated development.  According to statistics, during the period of Sanqiu this year, 189,000 corn combine harvesters were put into China's main corn producing areas, with a total harvest area of 168 million mu, an increase of 40 million mu over the previous year.  The country's maize harvest level exceeded 33%, achieving a high growth rate of over 7 percentage points for two consecutive years and entering the fast lane of development.

    Corn is the world's main food and feed crops, with high single yield and stable total output. It is called "the king of feed".  Corn has developed into grain, feed and economic crops. In the new century, an ethanol fuel industry using corn as raw material has emerged. Corn occupies an increasingly important position in international trade.