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Corn Sheller As The Main Step

  • Maintenance Steps of Corn Sheller:

    1, after the threshing, should carefully remove dust and debris in the machine;  For places where paint falls off during use, repaint the paint as required.

    2, desoldering and crack parts to welding repair.

    1. Pay attention to the installation of grain bars. Make the small head (inclined plane) face the feeding direction. The grain directions of the adjacent two grain bars should be opposite to prevent grain from moving to one end of the drum and causing uneven load.
    2. Tighten the threaded rod bolt according to the specified torque.  Generally, it is tightened 3-4 times.  Check whether there is a lock nut for each threaded rod bolt, because during threshing operation, the roller operates at a slight speed, the nut is easy to loosen, and the quality of the threaded rod must meet the requirements and cannot be replaced by other bolts.

    5, thresher drum repair should be done after static balance debugging, until the debugging balance.

    6, check the thresher guard cover is firm, damaged to replace.

    7, maintenance is complete, to each filling point, lubricating point filling enough lubricating oil, the adjusting screw thread should also be oiled antirust;  Place the thresher in a dry and ventilated shed. Be careful not to put sundries on the thresher to prevent deformation.