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I picked up at Dofus Kamas

  • I really have a flyer out of Wakfu I picked up at Dofus Kamas Convention in Leipzig because the artwork style was really adorable. I would need to pick it up based on utter cuteness alone Provided that Islands of Wakfu follows match. I'm such a girl. Check out the screenshots from Dofus below!

    ANKAMA team has announced its partnership for Islands of Wakfu's development, its 1st offering for the latest generation of Dofus consoles. This adventure/beat'em all style Dofus game could be played by two Dofus players in team mode and will reveal never seen before desktop content in the entire world of DOFUS and Wakfu.Ankama Play, ANKAMA group's newly created, independent next gen movie Dofus game development studio, have recently finalised a deal with the software giant Microsoft.

    Very soon, it needs to be balanced with the coming of one merger of all servers! On Tuesday, August 13, all Temporis III servers, from I to V, will be merged into one. The classic merge rules will apply too. If your nickname is already taken along with the personality who took this nickname did it before you (via a booking ), you will lose it, recovering a suffix using the name of your original server. For the rest, everything will happen automatically and safely! The group is currently experienced on the subject.

    When you connect to the host after the merge, your personality might not seem on the server choice interface. It is going to then manually pick the Temporis host to play it. You may unlock multiple degrees in case you have progressed in your orientation quests! In addition, the counter shown on the site will correspond with the counter in play.For the event, the Dofus team introduced some characters around these initial months of run host Temporis III, which we finished with initial glances on the Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro participant positions. The very first level 200 is Bontarian and anything other than Noway, despite a desire of Brakmarians at the level of awarded Dofus Kamas. Concerning success, Tetedanslemur and the Mound are near the first place with over 5000 points at the time of writing this report.