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among the most Dofus Kamas significant

  • A first point, and among the most Dofus Kamas significant: Your progress will be erased when shifting to 2.54. From the floor, to your reflections and points of fantasies, EVERYTHING will disappear to create way for Dreams 2.0. It will be a chance for some to try it, or to rediscover the dreams from A to Z. Too bad for ULTRA players such as Volcasaurus, needing to see their efforts go back to zero! In the past, the difficulty was based only on the Bosses along with the ground in the room. Now many more parameters will determine the variable! Its connection with the experience and the awards is reinforced. According to the previous edition, the more you struggle, the more you earn! Thus, in addition to the ground and the monsters, the level will be obtained via.

    This score and just this score will determine the purchases that will be provided to you. The reward limit to get a Boss is eliminated. A Royal Gobball is going to have the ability to offer rewards that a Vortex gave, only if the difficulty score is sufficient.The score will also determine your dream point earnings. You will earn 1 percent of fantasy points. However, this mechanism is really a double-edged sword, since it will be -1% fantasy things for each score point below your floor! The example given by the group corresponds to a gain of + 24% while you're on flooring 200, if the space score is 224.

    It has been said repeatedly, but the Dreams we have been researching so far was a part of what the Draconiros feature really is. The well is divided to 5 sub-areas. This will bring a real goal, but also more diversity to your room choice cards: Reach the 400 flooring. Why? The awards of course!A excellent novelty that will bring the Dreams closer to buy Kamas Dofus Retro a style is the addition of torso as loot in your fights! There will be twelve, distributed over the well's first four sectors. By opening rewards from the shop, like legends, runes but also some which we will talk about 26, you can get them.