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I concur entirely on Dofus Kamas

  • I concur entirely on Dofus Kamas.By making your advancement only become an exp potion rather than bringing any of your gear or crafting exp around with you, you just ultimately turned this seasonal host to a"game mode".The stage of a seasonal host would be to provide a fresh new way for new players or even older players wanting a fresh start to be in a position to get that and also be merged into the primary audience after. What you are giving us is just a game mode. I'm not even opposed to it I like the idea, but it is not it is definitely not what we were accustomed and exactly what we were promised. If you ask me you should have a regular temporis for people actually wanting a fun original experience, but also have their work paid off and merged to the primary cluster and also have this unique server to get a different experience.

    Last time it took individuals to acquire level 120 miner. I invested 10mk and got 3 degree 200 professions in. Professions are not as bad as people are making them out to be. The goal of Temporis is not for every person to find everything they need immediately, and to get maximum achievements.It's supposed to be challenging, It's supposed to check your time management, they are keeping nuggets in since PvP is supposed to be in the game, it is not irrelevant to PvM lol. Because it'll be great money that they can subsequently use to make up for lost 28, people will rush making idols and forfeit accomplishment time. There's a whole lot of approach in these Temporis servers, I'm glad they're testing stuff out without making it easy to progress.

    Many of you have raised concerns about DOFUS, also we'd like to thank the players who have provided constructive comments to us. Not only were we able to have in-depth discussions to identify the problems, but their engagement has also saved us a tremendous amount of time. We want to have this opportunity to clarify, in a formal capacity, where we are at so that our players could be made conscious of buy Kamas Dofus Retro what's going on. Our community is our priority, and our teams focus all their focus on satisfying and surprising you.