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KTA: KT Final Season 3

  • Since the beginning of the summer, the Krosmoz Arena Arena has passed three large PVP competitions in the third season. It is time to participate in the KT Finals – the championship game! Of course I think Dofus Kamas ilyzaelle will be what you want.

    STEINWAY GATE ruled the entire season
    Several teams have stood out this season, but Steinway Gate clearly shows that he is the most solid. After the semi-finals of the July Open, they won two championships in the Inglorium and the September Open, and the team's performance was almost perfect! The teams that make up this team, Asthou, Zephing, Natsudoku and Ultimatedz, now have only one goal: to confirm their dominance in the KT finals!

    Among their biggest competitors, there is the Eagles in the second season. The team won the championship in the July Open and the September finals of the season, thus maintaining a high level! Steam-alb, Defuse, Handguns and Soitoi are now working hard to keep their season champions!

    Obviously, they are not the only well-known teams at the moment. We can also quote Poliakov (Ingloriom finalist and second overall ranking), Team Atlas (formerly Millenium, twice in the semi-finals this season) and Omae (the last DWS and first-season finalists).

    Ultimate game
    Therefore, 16 teams can win, but for any team, this is not a walk in the park!

    The KT final is divided into two phases. First, the team needs to advance from four seats with only four qualified seats. Then, the direct elimination of the tree from the quarter-finals will make the most brave people stand out by facing them in two wins (BO3) until the semi-finals, then entering the finals three wins (BO5)!

    There is no doubt that the participants will be extremely motivated to go all out, because the winning prize is no less than 3,000 euros! Readers can buy Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro.