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Path of Exile 2019 Annual Summary

  • Like many developers and teams in the industry, the end of the year and the start of new work provide an opportunity to review everything that has been done in the past year, and the Path of Exile is no exception. Let us with the outstanding POE Currency dealers understand the details.

    In a post on the forum, the team outlined their review of 2019. It starts with a large number of announcements and release-related statistics: We launched four extensions: Atlas' Synthesis, Legion, Wilderness, and Conqueror (in collaboration with the Metamorph Challenge Alliance).

    We hosted ExileCon, our first Path of Exile conference, with more than 1,400 attendees from around the world, including special guests from Blizzard North, community streaming and content creators, and the very real Eihnar Frey And Zana.
    We have announced "Path of Exile 2" and "Path of Exile" projects!
    We partnered with Kakao to launch the Path of Exile in South Korea.
    We released the Path of Exile on PlayStation 4.

    The team then went into statistical mode and delved into the following numbers:

    We set a record number of online players (224,000 players on our servers alone).
    In 2019, the Path of Exile was broadcast in the international arena 30% longer than in 2018.
    This year, about 8.7 million players played Path of Exile in our international sphere.
    Our internal staff has increased from 122 to 147.
    We have deployed more than 45 updates/patches to our domain.
    We publish 382 news articles-an average of 7.3 articles per week.

    Finally take a look at the community, music and more:

    We have re-produced the soundtrack of The Path of Exile and updated it with new music.
    We set a new record for the number of viewers on Twitch.
    We have introduced a new system that allows you to manage your Master tasks.
    We praise our players for their amazing talent by hosting four community games.
    We have improved caster, melee, necromancer, and dozens of skills.
    We redesigned the entire Atlas system.
    We have updated the look of the Lion's Eye Watch.

    The post ends by thanking their community and expressing optimism for 2020. Learn more about the Path of Exile, you can Follow, you will learn more about the road to exile and the latest information. Buy Chaos Orb at will effectively help you get a better game of the Path of Exile.