How To Turn POE 3.9 General Items Into Chaos Orbs


    As we all know, there is a wide economic system controlled by players in POE without exception in the latest expansion POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas. Players can obtain these tradable items through various methods, which is also known as POE Currency. But most of the time, you can only get duplicated useless items, usually scrolls or orbs, which don't make much sense other than taking up huge inventory.

    However, it is difficult to enhance the characters' skill without some valuable items in POE, but they are very rare. Here are various ways for you to turn the general items to a certain of POE Currency like Chaos Orbs.

    Sell or exchange

    The most direct way is to sell these extra items, which doesn't need to wait too long. Before selling, you need to correctly value these items and then sell them to those in need.

    Alternatively, you can exchange items with others, because there are many scrolls and orbs that can't sell for much money, especially in the late stage of the game, so if you do not want to encounter trouble, please trade as soon as possible.


    Chaos Orbs are significantly useful in crafting, as they reroll all modifiers on a rare item to maximize their effect. Conversely, another effective way to turn into Chaos Orbs is crafting.

    Crafting some rare orbs can bring huge profits to players, such as jewel, you could craft high items with basic jewel and get extra effects. Then sell these to others, or continue to craft until you obtain Chaos Orbs. But this is a long-term process with huge rewards, if you happen to be free, it is best to try it out.


    Throw away those useless items and farm, there are many places to farm throughout the map of POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas, but Fellshire Ruin is undoubtedly the best but not the only place to farm Chaos Orbs. When you return to Town, check each one in your pack in case you're careless to throw away some useful items.

    Many items including Chaos Orbs, make up POE Currency system, which is an important tool in it to complete various quests. If you think the above methods are time-consuming, it can decrease the farming time to buy POE Currency and also make you play POE better.

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