ZCMD768 Type Hot Air Stenter

  • The Hot Air Stenter Machine is always used for stretching and tensioning the fabric by heating and stretching the two sides with uniform width.

    The connected collapsed dyeing and finishing of knitted fabrics can optimize press quality, and abate accident to the bolt with accomplished flexibility. In addition, it can abate the amount of the mercerizing machine.

    The hot air stenter is mainly acclimated to accomplish the aberrant machine. Generally, the hot air stenter uses the calefaction alteration oil to calefaction the air in the ambience machine, and again heats the fabric. When the bolt alcove a assertive temperature and charcoal for a assertive aeon of time, the anatomy of the bolt changes to accomplish the purpose of setting. The double-point lining coater is the capital accessories for processing high-grade low-elastic linings and attenuate non-woven linings. It mainly consists of several locations such as retort, slurry coating, dust coating, up and down suction, dehydration room, cooling and winding, aeriform and electrical control.

    The accepted trend of hot air stenter technology development is: development appear ecology protection, activity saving, time extenuative and top efficiency, absorption on barren processing technology, non-plate press technology, low temperature claret processing and added new technologies; addition important The trend is to broadly accept automation technology. The manual arrangement adopts AC abundance about-face multi-unit ancillary acceleration ascendancy system. In the ascendancy system, programmable argumentation ambassador or automated computer ascendancy is broadly used. The ambit online ecology are broadly acclimated and the dyeing is improved.

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    ZCMD768 Type Hot Air Stenter is a machine or device for stretching or tensioning a fabric that enables the length and width of the stenter to reach a predetermined size. This equipment can also be used for heat setting, for coating chemicals, and for adjusting chromatic aberrations. If you interested in hot air stenter or Flat Screen Printer , please click