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I don't care what excuses or your requirements

  • If they kept the accounts high they could even do new content and raids as they're released and earn more, hell if they heard ToB they could make readily 1k$+ per month especially if they all got together and decided to do it collectively. All that is assuming they are currently selling at wholesale cost TO goldsellers with OSRS gold, meaning it is guranteed cash not a lot of strings attached and risks take or anything. There's little to no prospect of losing even if that were a concern they can prepare a new account for the sole purpose of vorkath/raids across the side to be prepared and the account RWTing is hard as hell to get banned for.

    Yeah talking as someone who purchased a few times to gold and played RS growing up, it seemed awesome although not that big of a deal. I loved the sport. I had not played in quite a while, got older, and got back on. I realized RuneScape gold was insanely cheap and easy to get. I purchased like 100m. It was fantastic! Anything that I wanted to, purchase equipment that is nice and gear, and not need to think about money could be trained by me! It was no big deal because I could only purchase a ton more for next to nothing, although eventually I'd run out of money. As entertaining as it had been for a short time, you realize very quickly that the game really has no purpose, and it especially has no purposes understanding that I could grind RS to finally make 3m and hour... or I could function in real life for 1 hour, also buy 100+m.

    Ban all them and everyone that use's those services. I don't care what excuses or your requirements are for breaking the rules. "If we ban all them, prices of greatly bought items will increase?" "They are only trying to feed their own families " They wanted socialism, now they can cope with it.What, you think racism is about calling people names? No! It is about exploiting another person suffering all. So a few thousand views, I wonder just how much income you'll be receiving, but hey that is company. I know in your head the miracle is so fucked up and you mean but your kind of people are bad. Didn't even make it 1 min.

    For real, who's paying for such that is created from the farmers and bots and this particular gold? What a load of bs. Anyways, I strongly dislike all botters/farmers no matter what it does to the"game economy." It's a game and then skillers would be more profitable and it might feel to be an accomplishment when botters/farmers didn't exist to buy RuneScape gold. From a that Runescape attempts to portray for the farmers/botters. Where they are still breaking the businesses that are abusing it are scum and ToS, you can't match the counter-argument. The Venezuelans are abused by them for money and act as though they are contributing to their well-being.