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You are able to muster to 3 Astels

  • What is planned for the future of the courses? Still in 2019 there'll be a big expansion of the classes. 3 sub-classes are received by each class. You aren't forever bound to this sub-class with Astellia Online Asper. There'll be a chance to change between the three classes as possible. What exactly are Astels? Astels, the main reason behind the name of the MMORPG, are unique companions that will support you throughout the game.

    There are over 30 Astels, each with their own abilities, personalities and background story. How can Astels work? As Astellian, as a player you are called Ingame, you are able to muster to 3 Astels in battle concurrently. Astels utilize a special resource which you have alongside life and mana points. But once the resource is consumed, the Astels evaporate. Great management is important here.

    That means you can master challenging challenges from the open world even without other players:As a warrior, you can call healer asters which is going to keep you alive for longer to buy Astellia Online Asper, letting you fight multiple enemies. As an Assassin, it is possible to even use Damage Astels to strike down enemies directly and hardly eliminate life. As an archer, on the other hand, you probably want Tank Astels, which means you may keep on shooting. Just how Astels are there? Presently there are over 30 of the companions available in Astellia.

    The system therefore provides you a lot of flexibility and lots of possible applications, both alone and in a group. What is the focus in PvE? In Astellia you will discover strong equipment and new Astels, particularly in dungeons. There are 3 distinct types:Tutorial dungeons,Solo dungeons,Group Dungeons.Tutorial dungeons are meant to give you an introduction to the instanced world. Then there are different dungeons, each with solo and group mode.Solo dungeons have a diminished level of difficulty and deliver you fewer benefits.