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Reason behind the name of the MMORPG

  • On September 28, 2019 Astellia appears in Europe and North America. However, what's and Astellia actually should you play it? These and other questions we'd like to answer you. What is Astellia? Astellia is a theme park MMORPG which wishes to return to the core values?? Of the genre. All in all, Astellia delivers the complete program for fans of PvE and PvP with Astellia Online Asper. In the course of the guide we present you each content in more detail. Do I play Astellia? The MMORPG will be Buy2Play and has to be bought once. The advance sale offers the cheapest bundle for 40 euros and runs until 20 September.

    As an alternative, you may pay 10 euros per month to play Astellia. The subscription, however, doesn't bring you some lively positive aspects, but instead acts as a trial offer, giving you unrestricted access to the entire game. During the level stage, you can specialize and improve your skills by investing points in extra harm, cooldown decrease or length of outcomes. What sex lock? Asian games are more likely to face limitations on the sexes of distinct classes.Also Astellia has from the first version limitations, which can be waived, however, for the West. Presently you can create female warriors and assassins. The restrictions for the other classes must be lifted after release.

    What's planned for the future of the classes? Still there will be a big extension of the classes. Each category receives 3 sub-classes. You aren't permanently bound to this sub-class. There'll be a opportunity to change between the 3 classes as you please. What exactly are Astels? Astels, the reason behind the name of the MMORPG, are unique companions that will support you through the game. Whether fighting in the open world, in dungeons or in PvP, they will not leave your side.

    There are currently over 30 Astels, each with their own abilities to buy Astellia Online Asper, personalities and background story. How can Astels work? As Astellian, as a participant you are known as Ingame, you are able to muster to three Astels in combat simultaneously. Astels use a special resource that you have next to life and mana points. But once the resource is used up, the Astels evaporate. Good management is important here.