Game administrator Ion Hazzikostas has advanced

  • Game administrator Ion Hazzikostas has advanced floated the abstraction of a 'level squish', abbreviation the cap to something added manageable, aback in March. With 120 levels, Blizzard can't allotment out allusive rewards with every ding, but with a lower bulk anniversary new akin could accompany with it air-conditioned new additions to the class.

    While changes to the akin cap—as able-bodied broader changes to WOW Classic Gold the levelling acquaintance and what levels in actuality mean—are accepting considered, Hazzikostas didn't announce that Blizzard had arise to a accommodation or if any changes adeptness appear. According to a survey, however, a "level squish" is on its way.

    While we don't apperceive what the new akin cap will be, "dramatically lower" suggests that it's not just traveling to barber off 10 or 20. The aboriginal akin cap of 60 aswell seems unlikely, admitting you will be able to acknowledgment to that era if World of Warcraft Classic launches in August.

    Given that there hasn't been any affectionate of MMOBC announcement, the diction of the analysis is a bit unusual. I accomplished out to Blizzard to affirm if it was sending out this analysis and what its akin cap affairs were, but it has annihilation to say about it at this time.