Types of Storage Containers


    Dog food containers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. To give you an idea what to look for when shopping for these containers, here is an overview of some of the most popular types you’ll come across:

    Plastic Storage Bins – Plastic storage bins for pet food are one of the most popular options because they come in a wide range of sizes, they are lightweight, and they come with tight-fitting lids. There are also plastic storage bins that have two separate containers, one for treats and one for kibble.

    Rolling Plastic Bin – This type of plastic storage bin has wheels on the bottom so you can roll it out of the pantry at feeding time and then roll it back out of the way. These bins come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate small bags of treats all the way up to big bags of kibble.

    Metal Storage Bin – If you need a very large storage container for your food, a metal storage bin might be a more cost-effective option than a plastic container. Just make sure that it’s large enough to fit the whole bag of food and that the lid creates an airtight seal.

    Plastic Storage Vault – A variation on the plastic storage bin, this type of dog food container has a circular lid that spins open and closed to create an airtight seal. These storage vaults come in a wide range of sizes and they usually cost a little more than basic plastic storage bins.

    Glass Jar – Typically reserved for storing dog treats, glass storage jars can keep dog food fresh as long as they have an airtight lid. Be careful about where you place the glass jar because if your dog can reach it he might accidentally knock it over or onto the floor and that could be dangerous.

    Canned Food Lid – Though technically not a type of container, a canned food lid is what you need to keep opened cans of dog food fresh. You still need to keep the can in the refrigerator, but it will create an airtight seal to keep the food fresh for up to 3 days.

    It really doesn’t matter what kind of storage container you choose, as long as it is airtight and will protect the food from moisture. Most pet food containers can’t protect against high temperatures, however, so make sure to follow the storage tips provided above and keep your dog food in a cool, dry location to maximize freshness. For more news and updates on Pet Food Container , stay tuned with