Do You Know the Types of Waste Bin


    Whether you’re a new business going through this process for the first time or you’re a veteran business reevaluating your waste and recycling needs, there are four factors to consider when choosing a new Plastic Waste Bin:

    The type of waste you will generate

    The volume of waste

    Whether you need a permanent or temporary solution

    The space you have available for the container(s)

    Your answers to the above will help guide your choice.

    Front load dumpsters are great choices for small businesses that need a permanent waste container.

    Roll-off and open top containers are more typical choices for industrial businesses or businesses that will temporarily generate a lot of waste. You’ll often see these near construction sites.

    Totes and wheel-carts are smaller garbage bins that work well for small businesses that don’t generate a lot of waste or for urban businesses with limited space.

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