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Rocket League will acquire an amend that replaces

  • Psyonix is elaborating on Rocket League's accessible Blueprints system, which will alter randomized boodle crates afore year's end. The developer is absolution data on the new arrangement in batches, aboriginal advertisement affairs to Rocket League Items annihilate boodle boxes from Rocket League in August, and again absolute the new Blueprints arrangement endure month, and now accretion on the data including what can and can't be traded.

    At some point in December, Rocket League will acquire an amend that replaces randomized boodle crates with Blueprints. Afterwards anniversary online game, you'll be accustomed the adventitious to grab a adapt for a specific item, which you can actualize anon application credits, barter with a friend, or save for later. Credits are Rocket League's new exceptional currency, which agency they can be bought application real-world money. To be clear, the annual the adapt creates will be acutely listed afore you acquire to access it, so there's a little added accuracy with this new system.

    As anon as the new arrangement comes into effect, all of Rocket League Trading your crates will automatically be adapted to "unrevealed blueprints" of the aforementioned series, which you can acknowledge at no amount to see what items they build. Your keys will aswell be replaced by credits if the amend arrives afterwards this year. Likewise, decryptors acquire no abode in the new arrangement and will be replaced with free-to-open benefit gifts, which will authority "fan-favorite items throughout Rocket League's history."