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Old School RuneScape on adaptable has had a amazing

  • Old School RuneScape on adaptable has had a amazing aboriginal few months aback launch, and today’s absolution of Kebos Lowlands as the aboriginal multiplatform amplification for the bold is yet accession anniversary for us as developers and the added association to celebrate. It’s the latest footfall in accouterment a abysmal and allusive MMO acquaintance on the move or RS Gold from the abundance of the sofa.

    Old School Runescape was afresh appear on adaptable devices, giving players a adventitious to bake their adulation for the bold on the go.

    Those who don't wish to alpha from scratch, however, will allegation to Runescape Gold admission their beforehand accounts to amount their aboriginal character. If you've abandoned how to admission your old anniversary though, don't worry! There are a amount of agency to acquisition your login data over on the Runescape website.