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Arena of Valor known as Honor of Kings in China

  • Arena of Valor is arguably the most popular video game in the world, recording more than 200 million players - before debuting in North America in December. Compare that with other online blockbusters such as League of Legends (103 million players in 2016), Overwatch (40 million players in May) and Fortnite (125 million players in June), and the Arena of Valor's reach is clear.

    One reason he was able to gather many followers was his method of shipping: Arena of Valor - known as Honor of Kings in China - is a mobile game, played on the most common handheld devices in the entire world. Tencent developers want to expand the market further in September with the launch of the Arena Valor on the Switch, Nintendo portable family console. If you want to Buy AoV Account and AoV Gold Accounts, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

    So first, Arena Valor is a free mobile game - you don't have to pay anything to download and play the game yourself. In fact, you can open almost all the heroes that can be played by just playing the game (the exception is licensed DC Comics characters - like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) and get Gold and Gems, which are used to get Vouchers, which are in-game currencies.

    Even before plunging into gameplay, the entire thrill of the Arena of Valor perfectly summed up one of my biggest problems with MOBA. They are very generic. This is the widest and most blandest fantasy cross section with the same unclear name. You can add it to the root of the free Tencent Chinese mobile app, but every MOBA looks and feels like this. You can't just push dozens of New Hero Icons into people's throats and hope that some of them stick. Even non-MOBA games can become victims of a lack of real aesthetics such as Paladin or a fighting game that you have forgotten. Blizzard is lucky enough. Overwatch's characters managed to reach the target as they did, at least among artist fans.