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Fiber Closure PC Shell from Greentelftth


    Greentel Fiber Closure PC Shell to Create the Most Perfect Optical Communication Quality. The high-quality fiber optic splice closure material guarantees excellent communication quality even in harsh natural environments. It can effectively release water and flame retardant and anti-collision effect, and can protect the cable from stretching and torsion.

    The high-strength PC housing prevents material aging due to environmental temperature changes, oxidation and UV light, and provides excellent mechanical strength.

    It adopts elastic mechanical sealing method, which can be repeatedly opened and reused repeatedly for easy installation and maintenance.

    The structure design is simple, the opening is convenient, no special tools are needed, and the welding efficiency is high.

    Optical function:

    The remaining fiber in the fiber closure is wrapped around the fiber optic mounting device. In the operation of the fiber optic splice closure device, the fiber optic connector should have no significant additional attenuation.

    Sealing function:

    After the fiber closure is packaged according to the regular operation procedure, the inflation pressure in the fiber closure is (100 ± 5) kPa, soaked in a clear water container at room temperature for 15 minutes, no bubble escapes, or a 24-hour barometer for stability investigation. The indication should be unchanged.

    Mechanical function:

    After the following experiments, the China Fiber Closure and the parts of the box should be unchanged. If necessary, make a clear view or open the box. The following experiments should be filled in the fiber closure (60 ± 5) kPa pressure, the pressure should not change after the experiment; dip in the normal temperature of the water container for a stable investigation for 15 minutes should be no bubble escape or stability investigation 24h barometer target There should be no change, and the housing and its components should be free of cracks, damage and significant deformation.