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With Rocket Leagues Xbox One absolutionxingwangxingwang

With Rocket Leagues Xbox One absolution

  • Many 2v2 abecedarian of Rocket League were played throughout the night. Some matches had bright victories, and others were nail-bitingly close. But at the end of the night, the unstoppable duo of Rocket League Items Samuel and Max showed no benevolence and took the final bold with a annual of 12-1.Thanks to their amazing aeriform game, Sam and Max will both accept an Xbox One S, already the animate arrives in August 2016.

    Thanks to all the GameSpot readers to came to compete, spectate, and admonition accomplish it a abundant night!Think you’re appealing acceptable at Rocket League? Been cutting your aeriform game? We ambition you to appearance us your moves.

    GameSpot are teaming up with the Microsoft Store, Sydney to host a 2v2 Rocket League tournament, breadth YOU can attack for an Xbox One S and soccer car glory.

    With Rocket League's Xbox One absolution in February featuring cross-platform play and absolute skins, as able-bodied as June's Neo Tokyo amend introducing a new map, annual trading, and new customisation options, it’s never been a bigger time to be a Rocket League fanatic.

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