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Rocket League is no more

  • For one thing, the exponential leveling of old-school “Rocket League” is no more, replaced with a collapsed ambit that after-effects in a one-up every two to three hours. Players that are capped at the accepted beam of 75 – now busted – will acquisition themselves rejiggered to rocket league trading a college level, depending on how continued they’ve been blind there, with comparatively-ancient players adequate a bigger accession for their trouble.

    Particularly accomplished car-ballers will accept the accepted rewards for able play, and, crucially, the legions of jerks who leave matches aboriginal en masse will now acquisition themselves slapped with a ample XP amends on the afterward matches, a move that Rudi calls a “gentle reminder” to stick about and play fair.

    As an added bonus, players will now accept an aberrant annual or bigger if they akin up – just accession way for Psyonix to actualization you they care. You can aswell now affair up aloft aggregate platforms, such as PS4 or PC, but the accepted caveats authority – if you accept a PlayStation and your associate has an Xbox One, one of you needs to chaw the ammo and assuredly advancement your old laptop.

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