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It can be tolerated

  • Guardiola also reiterated his point of view in the interview. He hopes to FIFA Coins finish his coaching work at the beginning of his coaching career. Although he is not sure if he will be a youth camp in Barcelona, ??he will definitely coach at the end of his career. A youth team.

    Guardiola also talked about an anecdote between himself and Atletico coach Simone: "When Simoni did not coach Atletico in Argentina, he once came to Barcelona to watch us training. I appreciate him, training. After we talked a lot, Simoni said to me: 'I don't like Barcelona's play, I can't appreciate it.' I responded: 'I rely on you, you are amazing.' This is a little interesting thing between us."

    After experiencing a coaching career in Germany and the United Kingdom, Guardiola has a deep resentment against the Spanish media: "Some people like me very much, some people hate me, maybe because I express my feelings. In Barcelona, ??all the comments I have. It can be tolerated. However, the cruel and bad eyes of the Spanish media do not exist in Germany and the United Kingdom. Of course, the Spanish media praises you very exaggerated. The German and British media will criticize you, but in Spain, the media will hurt you"