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To avoid sounding too much like a loot box

  • To avoid sounding too much like a loot box, Psyonix is making every item available through a Rocket Pass available to see. This means you’ll know what rewards you are playing for ahead of time, and can determine if you want to  Rocket League Keys spend the money for the premium pass or not.

    Developer Psyonix has been teasing their upcoming changes to Rocket League for about a month. Today, they revealed more information on the Rocket League Rocket Pass. This Fortnite-like, limited-time progression system is a new way for players to earn cosmetic items. It will have free and premium tiers and the first of several Rocket Passes will come out at some unspecified time later this summer.
    Psyonix’s blog details both passes. The free pass will automatically unlock cosmetic items for all players as they play the game. Possible rewards include customization items, player banners, in-game titles, and Decryptors, which are keys for the game’s loot crates