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This feels really tranquil

  • This is another area in which Fortnite excels over other Battle Royale games: There is enough going on (in terms of physics and the building system) to sustain a sense of adventure and exploration on the map without having to fight other players. After an hour of play I want to jump back in, because Playground mode kept feeding me ideas about what to try next as I raced through all the scenarios in my head.

    “This feels really tranquil,” Miller said at one point, and I agree with that assessment. Fortnite is just as much fun as a cooperative experience where you hang out with friends and build your own tracks or mazes or just have fun blowing stuff up

    “This is a mode that needs to be in the game permanently,” I thought to  Fortnite Items myself as I stuck a clinger grenade on video producer Jenna Stoeber’s character and watched her explode. It’s the non-stressful, peaceful way to play Fortnite. The whistle of the rocket headed toward me was just a sigh of contentment. Ramos picked over my items after I blew up, and then I drifted lazily down to the map to shoot him in the head with the drum gun.