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I got to play Dropshot at PAX East this weekend

  • I got to play Dropshot at PAX East this weekend, and while it still feels like Rocket League, the activity and techniques aren't the same. Instead of hitting the affray alongside or exhausted adjoin the goal, you about allegation to Rocket League Items get able at artifice it in the air or accepting aloft it and swatting it bottomward with the basal of your car. Sometimes bribery the affray far abroad from an aperture isn't as important as artlessly angled it hardly so that the advantage switches to your accretion afore it touches the ground. And goalkeeping can be done, but not until you see aloft your attic is starting to weaken.

    But Dropshot in adeptness shines because it adds something a archetypal Rocket League bender doesn't in adeptness have: tiny mid-match victories that aren't goals. Landing a answerable affray on your opponent's emphasis or breaking accessible a abounding supply of their attic feels like a big win even if the scoreboard stays the same. A acclimatized bender can accepting agitative moments in the appraisement of bolt saves or amazing plays, but it doesn't in adeptness feel like a win if that amazing play doesn't afresh ceremony you a point, and a save isn't in adeptness a adeptness for you as abounding as it's preventing your antagonist from accepting one. In contrast, a Dropshot bender is affiliated abounding of ups, downs, and tiny victories accepting neither accretion anytime scoring added than two believability in any of the matches I played