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Finding parts

  • Who would have thought searching for parts in this day and age would be so time consuming, frustrating, informative and adventurous. I have always figured with all the things that are created with 3D printers and online stores, searching for parts would be cut and dry. Until one finally goes on the hunt for something that has not been made for 50 or so years, reality begins to sink in as to where to go or who to talk to. I have heard stories of people traveling cross county trying to find a specific part or car that cannot be found anywhere locally. You might think with all the technology you can snap a picture and your good to go, but in trusting people for what they may be selling you can score, or end up with something that is entirely different from what is advertised. I have always found it better to search locally because you can see what you’re buying and make a decision on the spot. On the other hand, since everybody seems to want a classic car, parts and accessories or starting to become rare to find partly due to trends. That is where you may have to decide whether to go original or aftermarket, where each has its pros and cons. When purchasing aftermarket products, sure they are shinny and new but you may find that the part does not fit properly regardless if it was made to specifications. Some parts may need tweaking in order to fit properly and some parts may fit like a glove, it just depends on what your application needs are. Whereas original, you know for a fact that the part or parts will fit as needed but you may need to sandblast, paint, degrease or whatever it takes to make as new as possible. I found that ebay seems to have a wide variety of parts new and used, but again do your research on what it is before you buy. There's nothing worse than buying something twice or even three times. It’s always better to go to car shows and swap meets to talk to those that have already been down the path you’re headed. It saves time and a whole lot of headaches and also save your pocket book.


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