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Why we do what we do.

  • Why choosing to create a website site all about automotive stuff is somewhat of a journey and a hard road traveled. I consider myself a somewhat of a worldly traveler always looking for interesting things and abstract art that has to be appreciated with certain kind of eyes. I have always been around automotive stuffs ranging from old cars to newer cars motorcycles, trucks, paint , tools, especially tools and all the like. I remember rebuilding my first mclane 4 stroke engine at the age of 7, rebuilt it and started right up. So tools and being somewhat of a mechanic has been in my blood as they say with a little bit of oil, tobacco and so forth. So much of my youth has been kind of studying from my dad which is a excellent automotive painter and extremely handy with tools and machinery. So learning from him has given me a sense of know-how and helped me with critical thinking skills by thinking on my feet . So fast forward 20 years or so, I got into computers which has the same basic principles of a car or well oiled machine meaning if things ain't running right, your prone for a broke down or some type of major malfunction. So with that in mind, I was always up for a challenge. Although I have tried a lot of things that keep me in the automotive scene such as airbrushing, powder coating I have always wanted to be engulfed in the whole lifestyle rather than bits and pieces. Cause we all know to build something worth will takes money and a great commitment, but mostly money. This is where this site comes into play. Although my life is somewhat average and strange at times but that another story. This site is created for the everyday person just trying to find parts, friends that are interested in the same things, and build a communities within communities.