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  • Where do you want to be... ever wonder how people have made an empire with a goal or a simple idea that seems like you could of thought of it or seems so easy you can do it. To me, this is kind of strange because we all dream about being that guy or girl that seems to have it all from money, to houses, to cars, and so on, and so on. In a way some people have had it easy from the jump and in turn, has it easier to purse whatever their passions, whereas, others have started with nothing and built something with just pure creativity or just god given skill. On the other hand, there is the average every day person that has to fight up the ranks just to get noticed. Usually thats about 95 percent of us individuals trying to make something out of nothing with no skill set and no creative mind. The difference that separates each and every person that has ever tried to do something no matter what life the cost or circumstance is a hustle mentality. The main point I'm trying to make is the idea of "hustle Until". Hustle until you have beaten all your ideas and concepts to death, hustle until all you can think of is how to get where you want to be no matter what obstacle , hustle until you give you it 100 percent, and then hustle some more. Many times it's easy to give up on a dream or skill that is worth reaching for, but most of the greats keep the grind no matter what, and the results are pure awesomeness. For whom ever has read this, the take away shouldn't be to do something, the take away should be is to do something worth while that can be passed down therefore a creating a legacy. In a sense, the saddest death of all, is when nobody even know you where once alive.