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LA auto show 2017

  • So i went to the Los Angeles auto show and might I add that was my first time ever attending. I did not realize how big this event really was. I always heard of people going and awing at all the newest cars, and everything related to automotive. I guess in my mind it was going to be pretty good with a whole collection of vendors and makers and all the newest tech out there. I prepared myself by visiting the website so i could have some expectations to see what they were really offering and how big the event really was. So I went thinking I was going to be there for a couple of hours or so, you know taking pictures and things like that. For the most part, I walked the show which took me an hour or so, but did not realize there where other levels and wings of the convention center with a different cars new and old. From there I find out what the hubbub was about, and come to find out, you pretty much need a full day to really appreciate what the auto show really has to offer. From this experience, I learned that first you need a good pair of shoes, you need a really good camera to capture the true nature of the show, and about 8 hours if you really want to see everything. For what it was worth, it is worth it. I wish i had gone with a really good camera though, but i did have an opportunity to snap off some cool pics with a dying phone lol.  So pros, you get to see a bunch of cool cars new and old, maybe a celebrity or two, talk with car makers and other willing and dealings. Cons, a whole lot of walking and probably won’t see all the show and kind of impossible to take nice pictures cause of the amount of people that attend. In my opinion, I will go again next year. So yeah, its worth it.