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Relationships and motorsports people CityofgodsCityofgods

Relationships and motorsports people

  • So you met a wonderful girl or guy that's into motorsports. Seems pretty good right, well it depends on quite a few things that can make or break said relationship. This has to do with a lot of time that deals with interests or other things that you may or may not have in common. Like every relationship their is some things that you like or don't like to do as a couple. I mean I'm no relationship expert, but what I do know is that either someone is or is not into something and the battle can wage from time spent on a project or just being with the crowd. Also it seems that most people don't necessarily work in the field, but rather most people have this as a hobby, or to make spare cash. Personally, if you can get your girl or guy to participate the chances that they will enjoy it will increase. For instance, car shows and swapmeets can be a great place to meet new people or get exposed to things that otherwise weren't available. But that also can create fine lines of either togetherness or separation. I find this kind or strange because usually events are usually family oriented but depending on who you are with the green eyed monster is woken lol. Cause let's face it beautiful people normally attend and the eyes tend to wander so sunglasses are a must. To put it terms that are easy to understand, I would say if motorsports are your reason to live your best bet is to met someone that is likeminded to avoid potential problems down the road, and that is my two cents. ✌

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