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Drivewayjunky on pinterest

  • Since there is a lot of social media to choose from, finding a platform can be difficult for broadcasting yourself, as well as finding different things to catch  attention, or simply to gather ideas and information. The reason I like pinterest is because you don't need to necessarily follow someone to see their pictures, and or ideas. This is kind of a simplified version of all social media put together. I tend to look at and try to formulate an idea as to what I would do to my project because lets face, pretty much everything has already been done and newer things are being built on top of what already is. This for me is the when I can choose what I like from what I already can see, and this makes it cheaper for you in the long run. I am not try to boast up pinterest in any way but the value of seeing things that are already out there is priceless if you have a specific goal in mind. Also, you don't have to follow someone just to look at a few pictures. In addition, I really like how things are suggested to you based on a search or what you have saved. So this in turn gives me a look into new parts, clothing or just about anything that you find intriguing. That's my take, like it or leave it. lol....#Drivewayjunky.

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