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Types of Automotive people

  • Throughout my years in being entertained in the motorsports scene, I have come to see there a variety types of motorsports individuals that make up the exciting world of automotive sports. The first type of people that I come across the most often are the people that love all the newer cars that come out each and every year like hotcakes. For me, newer cars is all about how much money are you willing to spend to get your hands on the newest tech that encompasses the vehicle which ever that may be. Since cars progress each year, it is kind of hard to find the perfect car that suits your needs because each car has something different to offer. I mean, I love new cars because they are just that "new', but what does cross my mind is the expense to fix the car after sometime has passed because we all know all cars after a period of time tend to wear out. So, this is something to consider with newer vehicles, and there's nothing wrong with that. The second type is modified, this type is perhaps the most expensive type because with upgrades this can run you into the thousands, and even more depending on what your trying to achieve or deliver. Usually the modified people are usually good with their hands to apply the mod. This for me is the most interesting because modifications are usually from ones creativity and the end product is usually a one off to set trends throughout the motorsports scene. The crazy part for me is that once something takes hold, a whole new level is achieved and sometimes other things are derived from this. As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention. The last type that I see are the people that like all original. In my opinion, all original is the hardest to achieve because you may be looking for parts that are decades old. From what I have seen parts can be quite expensive if its indeed the original part. Although it may be expensive, all original is the way to go because with anything else there was more pride trying to reproduce what was done years ago.  As for me, I consider myself all three types because when you modify an older vehicle with upgraded hardware you sometimes produce something truly amazing, ill just leave you with that for now.

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