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                        So what exactly is Drivewayjunky, well Drivewayjunky is more of a term used to describe the average person that chooses to work from his or her garage or driveway to create or fix ones motor sport of choice. From what I have seen and actually experienced, some of the greatest creations have came out of ones own backyard and has rivaled things that have been created in a shop or business. This may be due to the fact that more passion is poured from ones inner creative soul that allows someone to produce masterpiece's, rather than work for someone that usually just does good work. Another thing that I have learned is that most people that are into some type of motorsport restoration or any other hobby for that matter, usually does not do that type or work for a living, but rather learn the skill for self fulfillment. This could include artwork such as airbrushing, pin stripping, automotive painting, welding, machine work, engine building, fabrication, upholstery, and so on. Therefore, when someone gets inspired by something, usually they have a different drive and a greater motivational factor than the person that does the same thing for a job. In contrast, usually the end product or result differs from the employed person is completed, rather the self taught motived individual is perfected. Likewise, all in all, to each their own. This is where Drivewayjunky comes into play, is created for the everyday person that wants to create and show their own passions such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, planes, basically anything with a engine, art work, tattoos, airbrushing, painting, and everything in between. We offer inspiration and nothing less while giving advice where someone has already been down a project path that has experienced the difficulties and headaches trying to complete something. This site allows for discussion and provides an environment free of discouragement and biased based on ones preference or liking of a certain motorsport type or other. offers different platforms such as blogs, forums, videos, groups, freeadspaces, motorsports news, albums, infocenter, and so on where each is created to pass on knowledge where other wise info is hard to come across. Other than that, Feel free to sign in, which is free to use, only thing that is asked is respect. "Find, Connect, Post Up". And now a word from our sponsors. (crickets singing)

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