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Waxing and polishing

  • Have you ever seen a car that is extra clean and smooth to the touch and has the appearance of glass, well here are some suggestions. The most basic routine maintenance you can do for your car is a weekly car wash. This adds protection to UV and also washes away dirt, grim and all other foreign matter to automotive paint. Although this is highly recommended there are other methods you can do to provide extra protection. A few being waxing, polishing, and clay magic. If you are new to this you should always read directions as such before you apply any material to your paint. The way I have always maintained my paint was obliviously with occasional waxing and car washes but this only lasts for a while and only addresses surface dirt. One way of getting the ingrained grim out is using clay magic. This method slides along the paint surface and grabs all matter that is stuck and basically exposes the actually surface of your paint. This should always be done after a washing and always have some type of car soap spray while rubbing out any contaminates. This is usually good for newer paint jobs since the paint is fresh and pretty much clean. The next step depending on what your trying to achieve is waxing. This step basically seals your paint and acts like a barrier to the sun and chemicals so you lessen the chances of oxidation. This is what happens when your paint is basically cooked under the sun and burns away the clear coat exposing your paint. A lot of people fail to maintain their paint and far to often need a paint job fairly quick. Usually maintained paint last for about 15 years before a paint job is even considered, and usually a non waxed car will show on the roof and any paint of a vehicle that is directly exposed to sun. This normally looks like a burn stop which looks white and flaky. But with waxing I would suggest doing it by hand since you can run the risk of burning your paint which is basically leaving the buffer to long on one stop. There are all type of waxes such as sprays and creams, but remember to always follow directions. Lastly, you have polishing. This is usually used for paint that is kind of in bad condition since this usually strips and very thin layer of paint exposing a fresh paint look. I would use this method if necessary such as if you got stains and other hard to get off contaminates. I found this out when I got over spray and nothing I did removed the over spray for a newer car. So sometimes it's trial and error to see what works. When I did all three methods I did this by hand. Starting with a car was, to clay magic, then to a polishing and finishing with a waxing. It took me 2 days but the finish was glass like and took out swirl marks from experimenting with a buffer. So you can see why detailers charge so much lol. I mean, i would definitely do this again to my own vehicle. You Learn a lot about your car and it gets you outside. Lastly, if you choose these methods, it's always good to wash your own vehicle because if you take it somewhere I've learned they charge to much and don't do as good of a job if you were to do it yourself. When your drying your car try to do it in the shade and on a fairly cool day so you don't get water spots. Also, if waxing or applying a detail spray it will evaporate and leave streaks along the paint if to hot. So as you can see the choice is yours, but any choice you do make you can find any product basically at any automotive store and if you have any questions just ask.