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Powdercoating Vs. Painting

  • There are many ways of Appling a coat of paint to whatever it is you would like to make nice a shinny, cause we all know most people love shinny things expect the exceptions. Many times people don't know what powder coating is or how to prepare a surface for that matter, but you really cant blame them because there's a million and one ways to do things. Also people are not really interested in polishing up things until it comes up in ones life, but people tend to do what is common and this is no different. A lot of the time usually when it comes to automotive of things, many tend to not really attempt things a fix but a mere surface corrections, but this does not address the problem. The main difference between powder coating and painting is, for one power coating is a technique of applying a ground to a piece of metal where air pressure forces electrostatic power out of a gun which then clings to the metal. After which the part is baked in a electric oven at temps above 350 degrees F. for about an hour or so. So we can see the difference between simply painting a part vs. powder coating. Most of the time the quality and longevity each depends of the prep, which means how through you are in cleaning a part. This can include chemical cleaning for deep rust and dirt, sand blasting or media blasting, or applying a wire wheel and hoping to get everything. Either method has its pros and cons, but what each have in common is all parts when cleaned should be free of dirt and grease because what is left on bare metal will react to the medium you are applying and will leave what are called fish eyes or pin holes. So which is why you should always wear latex gloves throughout the cleaning process or use a non greasy cleaning agent to completely clean the metal where it does not leave any chemical behind. So all in all, it really depends what the application is for because power coating is extremely durable and has a high UV resistance,  depending on the powder used, is used for chassis and parts that are prone to weather. On the other hand, there are many different paints that can be sprayed or rolled, one which being is Por15. This can be applied right over rust and dirt and makes it great for water and rust resistance, but the finish is different. Either product has it uses and limitations and if your a person that just wants something painted, grab a can of paint and just follow the instructions labeled on the can. So in conclusion, if you asked me what is better, I would go with powder coating since it has a extremely smooth surface finish and extremely durable but will cost you. Or if your just looking for a good durable finish and a fairly inexpensive paint, I would use a two step process paint which is primer first, then paint. BUT, BUT, it all depends on the prep and attention to detail. This is my two cents. Heres a few poweder coating jobs that have been done using the powder coating system bought at harbor freight.


    Pretty much everything you need to powder coat anything medium sized.

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