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Original vs Modified

  • So you decided to purchase a vehicle. Many times our thinking into buying a vehicle is based on a idea or goal that you may have had since you were a kid, or have grown to like a style that many people have. So after you have gone down that road and have purchased your dream car you will quickly realize your options, and sometimes it may come with regrets after a while maybe. Then comes the decision of what to do with your purchase. Through the years of watching people build their dream cars I have come to notice one thing which is the urgency to complete the project. Many people do not know what it takes to build such a project because there is a lot of variables to consider, may it be parts, paint, interior, chassis, engine, suspension, electrical, braking system, and so on. Since this can in true amount to thousands of dollars, In my opinion if a vehicle is purchased and it is in deed drivable, you have one of two options. Option one is to enjoy the ride for as long as the vehicle will allow you because once you start tearing down there is no going back, most of the time. Option two which is to decide whether your going to make it either stock or modified. Either option is going to cost because it is indeed all about money.