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  • Mens apparel and accessories

    Whats your gear?  
  • Painting and supplies

    whats your artistic style?
  • Automotive Accessories Finds

    what motivates you?
  • HustleUntil

    Where do you want to be... ever wonder how people have made an empire with a goal or a simple idea that seems like you could of thought of it or seems so easy you can do it. To me, this is kind of strange because we all dream about being that guy or girl that seems to have it all from money, to hous...
  • LA auto show 2017

    So i went to the Los Angeles auto show and might I add that was my first time ever attending. I did not realize how big this event really was. I always heard of people going and awing at all the newest cars, and everything related to automotive. I guess in my mind it was going to be pretty good with...
  • How to apply clear coat.

    Found this article explaining the basics of applying clear coat. Click on link below ⏬
  • Relationships and motorsports people

    So you met a wonderful girl or guy that's into motorsports. Seems pretty good right, well it depends on quite a few things that can make or break said relationship. This has to do with a lot of time that deals with interests or other things that you may or may not have in common. Like every relation...
  • Drivewayjunky on pinterest

    Since there is a lot of social media to choose from, finding a platform can be difficult for broadcasting yourself, as well as finding different things to catch  attention, or simply to gather ideas and information. The reason I like pinterest is because you don't need to necessarily follo...
  • Types of Automotive people

    Throughout my years in being entertained in the motorsports scene, I have come to see there a variety types of motorsports individuals that make up the exciting world of automotive sports. The first type of people that I come across the most often are the people that love all the newer cars tha...
  • Drivewayjunky Pages

    Drivewayjunky MotorSports "Go Build"  
  • Drivewayjunky what we about.

    This is what we all about. If you are wondering here it is in pictures. This is life, this is who we are... Go build.
  • How to's

    Here at drivewayjunky we are creating a platform to provide information that deals with anything and everything automotive. It can be anything from shows, concerts, conventions, and art work. Since the motor spots scene encompasses everything and you would like to be apart of this community feel fre...
  • Sign Up.

    Calling all motor sports, artist, builders, and all and anyone that is into the appreciation of the whole car scene in general. Here At we welcome anyone and everyone to that is in search of knowledge or just wanting to post their favorite build, or automotive car shows, and everyt...

  • Waxing and polishing

    Have you ever seen a car that is extra clean and smooth to the touch and has the appearance of glass, well here are some suggestions. The most basic routine maintenance you can do for your car is a weekly car wash. This adds protection to UV and also washes away dirt, grim and all other foreign matt...
  • Purchasing a vehicle.

    So this is my take of purchasing a automotive thing of things. When your in the market to purchase a vehicle many things should be considered and is true for all vehicles whether it many be a classic, new, or pre-owned. Usually for me it's the engine cause let's face it without it your not going an...
  • Powdercoating Vs. Painting

    There are many ways of Appling a coat of paint to whatever it is you would like to make nice a shinny, cause we all know most people love shinny things expect the exceptions. Many times people don't know what powder coating is or how to prepare a surface for that matter, but...
  • Original vs Modified

    So you decided to purchase a vehicle. Many times our thinking into buying a vehicle is based on a idea or goal that you may have had since you were a kid, or have grown to like a style that many people have. So after you have gone down that road and have purchased your dream car you will quickly rea...
  • Finding parts

    Who would have thought searching for parts in this day and age would be so time consuming, frustrating, informative and adventurous. I have always figured with all the things that are created with 3D printers and online stores, searching for parts would be cut and dry. Until one finally goes on the ...
  • Why we do what we do.

    Why choosing to create a website site all about automotive stuff is somewhat of a journey and a hard road traveled. I consider myself a somewhat of a worldly traveler always looking for interesting things and abstract art that has to be appreciated with certain kind of eyes. I have always been aroun...
  • iwata

    HP-CS Eclipse Review From Iwata : ” The Iwata HP-CS is well suited for uses demanding precise control of spray when applying moderate-to-large amounts of paint to a variety of surfaces and to various-sized areas. This Eclipse Series brush has established a new benchmark for excellence in an ...